Getting Started

welcome to driving lessons, a free online driving school, provides near me driving lessons for beginners, adults, teens and experts too. provides a driving course of safe driving techniques to ensure the driver safety in case of following our safe driving directions.

driving lesson getting started
getting started
driving car is a necessity in day-to-day life , and it has become a part of regular need of any one. car learning is exciting and enjoyable experience. however there are plenty of cases when people get into some mistakes while or during the initial stages of driving lessons due to lack of basic driving sense.

afraid of getting scratches and dents on your new car or planning to buy one after you have finished your driving lessons , reason what so ever driving lessons recommends you to drive with a co-passenger , having experience in driving (a friend maybe)  as he can help you to control the vehicle at your initial stages. it gives you confidence and it's more safe  (also it may solve the problem of the car existence :) ).
driving lessons manual or automatic
manual or automatic
for learner it is recommended to start out with a manual transmission car instead of an automatic car. if you directly move on to an automatic one , you may find it difficult to drive a car with manual gears.

as it known , you can not learn swimming by reading a book , the same goes for driving. if you follow some basic driving tips in our lessons it will make your driving full of  confidence , safety and enjoyment.

we hope you get an easy enjoyable learning experience. please continue to the next driving lesson Lesson 1: Car Controls)