LESSON 2 Starting the car

Fasten your seat belt
Make sure you follow this procedure or else the car will more likely take off without warning. We don’t want any mishaps yet because at this stage we are doing well
1- Make sure the gear shift is in P
2- Make sure the hand brake is fully on.
3- Make Sure Foot on the brake pedal
4- Make Sure Turn the ignition key clockwise
 As soon as the engine revs up let the key go. (The key will spring back in to position

Well Done.You have now started the car------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Now Let’s get the car moving
At This Stage we only going to get the car to roll forward a few metres. We are not driving off yet
1-Right foot depressed on the brake pedal
(This will stop the car moving forward unexpectedly)

2- Release the hand brake

3-Move the gear shift into D position

(The car is now in gear)

4- Slow release your foot from the brake pedal
(As you release the foot brake the car will start moving forward)
5- After few metres smoothly bring the car to a stop with your brake pedal
6- Put gear shift in P position
 Hand brake on
 Repeat, repeat, repeat until you feel confident
Common Errors May Occur
 If you cannot move the gear shift to ”D” position press down on the brake pedal a bit harder
 Have not properly selected the “D” position (The “N” position is the common error)
 If you are on an up slope, it may need a slight accelerator to get the car moving

At This Stage We are going to drive on the road now. We will only take the car up to about 60km/h and hold it there to get the feel of the car moving. Let’s do it
Right foot on the brake pedal
 Move the gear shift to D
 Hand brake off
 Check to see if it is safe to merge onto the road. (If it’s not safe, wait until it is)
Slowly release your foot off the brake pedal
 Very slowly accelerate and steer onto the road
Keep it slow until you are on the road
- Gently accelerate until you reach about 60km/h.
- When you reach that speed keep the speed steady.
Just practice holding the car steady for a few minutes. Its takes practise to do this. It looks easy when another driver does it, but this takes practise too do it. You will find the speed will be going up and down


Now You 
did it for the first time
Calm down! Remember we’re driving on the road. Keep our concentration on the road shall we. Let’s pull over to the side of the road and start again.
- Check your mirrors for cars behind you.
- Indicate to show you going to pull over.
- Gently start to brake.
- When you got to about 40 km/h gently steer the car off the road.
Before you steer off the road it’s really important to get the speed off the car first.
- When off the road gently bring the car to a stop.
- Select “P”
(remember you need your foot on the brake)
- Hand brake on.
- Repeat, repeat until you are confident with the Acceleration, steering and braking

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