Hand Brake Technique

Hand Brake Drifting

There are many techniques that will help you start your drift. The hand brake (or ebrake)  is usually easy and simple & most common way to start out off with. All starters shall need to get familiar with this system first. If you're scared initially, it's also advisable to practice this system until you aren't afraid of the motor car slipping


Accelerate and shift right into a gear with place to rev. Second gear is generally used since it enables the widest variance of speed and is most beneficial for harnessing the engine's torque.

Press in the clutch.

Flick the tyre to the within of the turn just like you were going to change it. While concurrently pulling the hands brake.

Put some pressure on the gas pedal immediately, let out  the clutch, and steer the automobile in direction of the slide, using throttle to regulate the position of the drift.

More throttle can make the automobile turn more, and move the automobile from the turn center likewise.

 less throttle shall reduce position, and allow the automobile to move towards the within of the turn even more freely.

WELL DONE You're drifting


When practicing handbrake turns, you need to use a minimal friction surface to create it easier for the trunk end to slide also to prolong the life span of your tyres. Here's a synopsis of the maneuver, which we've put into six Stage
Stage 1
Approach the corner  at a reasonably low acceleration (only 30 mph is a wonderful guideline, when learning). Use first  gear if you are starting to learn, then try bigger gears for entire mastery. Before you turn into the corner corner, swiftly come off the gas to make a forwards weight transfer and offer maximum grip at the front end end - you will need this to permit a swift submit.

Position your hands in a way which allows you to take big bite of the steering wheel and turn in a single fluid motion. A suggested initial hand position to take a left hander and the direction of turn is shown below. If you're in a left hand drive car, the right hand is optional and vice versa - you'll need the other hand to operate the hand brake half way through the maneuvers. You'll find it easier if the hand doing the steering is pulling the wheel rather than pushing it - but it is possible to do the turn in both directions with practice.

Stage 2

Turn in hard in a single fluid motion and try to apex half real approach round the corner
Stage 3

Simultaneously press the clutch and slam on the handbrake in an instant and positive motion, ensuring you are retaining down the discharge button to avoid the ratchet engaging - you will have to release it simply a quickly.This will secure the rear tires and induce a slide and learn to shrink the radius of the part.

Stage 4

As the back of the car comes round, start to take off the steering lock you initially applied. You may need to let the wheel slip through your hand in a controlled way. You need to end up with the wheels pointing in the direction you want to go.

Stage 5

It is the tricky little bit - when the electric motor car offers rotated to the required amount, launching the handbrake, knock into earliest gear if required, and draw out the clutch with enough revs to spin the tires slightly. This will provide you with the best possible begin in the new path. Counter steer if important if you have overcooked the angle.

Stage 6

Pull away applying the same throttle strategy as an ideal start.

Use the Hand Brake Technique to Drift with Rear Wheel Drive and Manual Transmission
Accelerate and shift into 2nd gear with room to rev. Push in clutch. Flick steering wheel as if to switch around. Put some pressure on gas, let away clutch, and steer into direction of the slip (using throttle to regulate move angle).
 You're drifting!